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Property Management

Glass Property Consultants manages numerous commercial and industrial properties ranging from 30m2 to around 5,000m2. Our tenants under management include everything from sole traders and small private companies through to publicly listed multinational companies. We understand our clients want maximum performance from their commercial property assets. Effective property management is a prerequisite for owners and occupiers alike and Glass Property Consultants is experienced in all aspects of property management.

Project Marketing

Glass Property Consultants is a market leader in the project marketing of office and industrial estates with particular focus on strata titled properties. We have been the most active agent in this area for many years and have been the exclusive or joint exclusive agent on the majority of projects in Gladesville, Macquarie Park and Lane Cove over the past 15-20 years. Clients have included private developers, property syndicates and large development companies such as Leightons. See our past projects by clicking here. 

See past projects here.

Sales & Leasing

Glass Property has been specialising in the sale and leasing of commercial and industrial properties in our core markets since 1999. Our track record is extensive with sales and leases of buildings ranging from 30m2 to over 5,000m2. In any given year, Glass Property Consultants concludes an average of 40 sales and leasing transactions and we focus heavily on our core markets of Lane Cove, North Ryde/Macquarie Park and Gladesville. Whether representing owners, tenants or buyers we pride ourselves on achieving the best possible results for our clients. 


In the past five years, we have achieved a great amount of success in our core markets with a wide range of transactions.

Gladesville- 63 properties sold or leased

Lane Cove- 87 properties sold or leased

Macquarie Park- 99 properties sold or leased


Facility Management

Glass Property Consultants acts as facilities manager for several modern office estates, some large strata titled industrial estates and a number of retail facilities. In this role our staff take care of day to day operations in common areas of these buildings. We look after the day to day needs of all occupiers within these estates. We have sophisticated reporting systems and we oversee the work of tradespeople, cleaners and other contractors on site. As with all of our work, we pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and we maintain close and friendly relationships with our tenants and owners. 


See facilities that we manage here.


We stay local and we stay relevant. We don't try to be all things to all people.

Glass Property Consultants focuses on several key geographic locations being:

  • North Ryde/Macquarie Park

  • Gladesville

  • Lane Cove

By focusing on these key locations, we have developed strong local market knowledge, excellent long term relationships and we can be highly effective in our work. At times a good client will offer us work outside of our core area but we only take on work where we truly believe that we can excel and get the very best result for our client.

We take our obligations to our clients very seriously. 

Glass Property Consultants will always:

  • Act in what we believe are the best interests of our clients in all of our dealings.

  • Maximise financial returns for our clients wherever possible.

  • Minimise financial and legal risk for our clients.

  • Give advice based on our clients’ best interests rather than on earning quick fees for our business. We take a long term approach to our client relationships.

  • Never recommend frivolous advertising expenditure to enhance our own market profile (as many agents are prone to do).

  • Act in a highly ethical and professional fashion.

  • Perform all tasks in a friendly and courteous manner.


This is our approach to business and we adhere to these principles at all times.



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OUR Team

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Property & Building Management

Anna Crino

Anna Crino has been with Glass Property Consultants since 2016. Anna's primary role is to take care of the day to day maintenance and support of the various facilities that we manage across Sydney. Anna also coordinates responses to customer support requests, manages repairs and maintenance and is heavily involved in our other property management functions.

Anna has had extensive experience in the management of retail premises and she comes from a family of builders and property investors.

Anna offers our customers the highest level of service and she has a friendly demeanor and  "can-do" attitude that our customers and staff greatly appreciate. 

9418 6555

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General Manager

Christa Glass

Christa Glass is a co-owner of Glass Property Consultants and has been involved in the management and administration of the business since its inception in 1999. Christa took on a full time role with the business in 2016 to operate and expand the property management business.  Christa is also responsible for administration of Glass Property Consultants as its General Manager.


Christa's focus is on the supervision of our management portfolio where she works closely with owners, tenants and contractors to provide our clients and customers with the highest level of service possible. 

Christa holds a Bachelor Of Fine Arts from the University Of NSW majoring in Graphic Design. With this background in graphic design, Christa is also able to supervise Glass Property Consultants' marketing and design needs when required. 

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Property Management

Gai Kovacs

Gai Kovacs joined Glass Property Consultants in early 2022.

Gai is a highly experienced commercial property manager with an impressive career history. Gai has held senior property management roles with a large private property owner, was the Director of a prominent commercial real estate agency whom she was with for over a decade, has worked in the field of property management software and prior to that worked in the property departments of St George Bank here in Australia and the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto. 

Gai's role is to enhance and support our property management functions and she has a particular focus on financial and lease administration. 

Gai brings a wealth of knowledge as well as excellent customer service skills to our company and we are very excited to have her join our team. 

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Property & Building Management

Shazia Dalichau

Shazia Dalichau has been with Glass Property Consultants since 2020. Born and raised in Pakistan, Shazia travelled to the U.S. to further her education. Her passion for travel and culture led her to spend many years exploring and living in many countries around the world. This time allowed her to educate herself on a plethora of local customs and lifestyles. Shazia’s keen interest in communication and hospitality led her to work for Starwood Hotels and Resorts in Miami, Florida, after which she moved overseas with her young family, and continued working part time within the industry.

Finally relocated and settled in Sydney, Shazia found her way into the real estate industry as a residential and short term stay Property Manager.  In 2020, Shazia made the move to Glass Property Consultants and now focuses on assisting customers in our facility and property management portfolios. Shazia strives to bring a high level of service to all of our customers and clients. 

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Director & Licensee

Jason Glass

Jason has over 25 years experience exclusively in the North Shore Office and Industrial Market of Sydney. He benefits from a tertiary property education (Bachelor Of Business in Land Economy) and had extensive work experience with two multi-national real estate firms (Colliers & Jones Lang Lasalle) prior to forming Glass Property Consultants in 1999.

Jason originally made a career for himself as a specialist in the area of strata office and industrial project marketing. Jason has been the appointed project marketing agent on roughly 400 office suites and industrial units in North Ryde, Lane Cove & Gladesville since 2000.

Outside of the project marketing area, Jason is an experienced negotiator in both the industrial and office sectors, having completed many hundreds of transactions ranging from the leasing of small office suites through to the site acquisition and project development of $50 million office buildings. Jason is also an experienced property and facility manager and has built up a significant rent roll at Glass Property Consultants since the business started to manage properties in 2010.

Jason prides himself on long term relationships and long term project roles. Some of Jason’s listings have seen him directly assisting clients from concept stage and site acquisition, right through to completed projects over five year time frames and longer.

0409 326 266

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Sales & Leasing

Patricia Vasilevska

Patricia Vasilevska has been with Glass Property Consultants since 2019 to provide in-depth support  to Jason Glass and to assist with all sales and leasing matters within Glass Property Consultants.


Patricia has had a passion for property from a young age, completing her Certificate of Registration during High School, which led her to begin her career in residential leasing in 2017. Patricia has developed a strong knowledge of commercial and retail leases through her more recent experience as a lease analyst, as well as through completing her bachelors degree in Property Economics at the University of Technology in 2018.

Patricia is responsible for assisting Jason with sales and leasing including administration, marketing and customer support. Patricia has excellent relationships with our clients and customers and has been a valuable addition to the team.

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